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Serge Melkonyan, known by his artist name Elkony, is an Armenian composer, sound producer, and creative artist. His first solo album “Touch Your Mind” (2003) started his professional music career as a sound producer and composer. Presently Elkony works and composes in his own studio.


Elkony production with its head office in Yerevan, Armenia – is the leading sound engineering and recording company acting in Armenian, Georgian and USA music markets.

Elkony production provides wide range of services related to

  • Sound Engineering
  • Sound Producing
  • Music Producing
  • Studio Recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Sound Design And Post Production
  • Final Printing
  • Live Sound Engineering

Main competitive advantage of Elkony production is cost-effective “turn-key” solutions for each customer. Since 1998, throughout the history of operation in the regional market, Elkony production became the trusted and reliable partner for several multinational bands, artists, commercial companies and famous directors, among which: THE BAMBIRTHE BEAUTIFIED PROJECTDOGMAVORDAN KARMIRDISMORIALARAM SUKIASIANARSHALUYS HARUTYUNYAN etc.

In Armenian music market Elkony production enjoys the trust and partnership from the known sound recording studios, concert organization companies and commercial leading companies.

Elkony production is successfully cooperating with: “TM PRODUCTION”, “VIBROGRAPHUS STUDIO”, “TRIADA” CREATIVE PRODUCTION AND POST PRODUCTION COMPANY etc. Alongside professional studio recording, Elkony production provides extensive variety of music production services to the small and medium sized bands, individual artists and sector-specific enterprises as well. Our everyday work is dedicated to studying the needs of our clients and partners, providing them best quality pro-end products, based on customized solutions to resolve the issues of our clients.

With solid experience of cooperation with many reputable bands, artists and directors Elkony production delivers all necessary stuff and provides professional solutions to our customers. Our aim is to achieve highest customer satisfaction so they could rich to their main goals.



elkony_studio_recording-services_armenia Elkony Studio offers a full value recording service to suit the needs and budget of your project. We will work with you to hone your sound and to bring out the best of who you are and the essence of your music. Elkony Studio offers to any musician and band unbeatable rates for a top quality session. If you are new to the process then our head engineer will take you through everything you need. If you have recorded before then you will find everything you expect to find as well as a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. We work with all artists from solo singers to rock bands to classical. Whatever your style is you will fit right in here at Elkony Studio. Achieving quality results and have the right “feel” as a creative space, is what the recording studio experience should be all about, joining the perfect balance of traditional technology with the very latest advances.


elkony-production-editing-service Elkony production offers a wide range of Audio Recording Editing Services including Pod-casting, Sound Editing, Video Editing and Web Audio. You can send us your digital audio editing files [online either] in any format [mp3, wav, vox, ogg, flac, aif, au, real audio] and we will fix any mistakes you might make in recording your presentation. Here are some tasks we do in editing process: removing, replacing, or shifting vocals in a mix changing a song arrangement by rearranging sections, repeating sections, or adding a new section changing the length or speed of an audio track time aligning instrumental parts for tighter playback cleaning up unwanted pauses and distracting sounds within a voice recording … and much more.


elkony-studio-mixing-services-armenia Mixing is one of our specialties. Once your tracks are recorded, we enter the mixing process. This process blends all of the individual sounds down to the final stereo or 5.1 audio. Every instrument is carefully assessed in how it fits into the mix and affects the overall sound. Bring your multi-tracks to us and let us bring your ideas to life. With our acoustically perfect control room, skillful engineer, and state-of-the-art processing gear, we can import your tracks and create the perfect mixes for your project. If intensive editing or more creative mixing is required please take into consideration that you will need to allow more time for this when booking an attended studio session or even on unattended and remote mixing.


elkony-studio-mastering-services-in-armenia We create the very best impact for your audio projects. Mastering is the final stage of production sitting between mixing and manufacture or distribution online. Bringing specialist equipment and expertise a mastering engineer will ensure that your record not only performs in terms of ‘loudness’, but also has the right tonal balance, stereo width, and depth of sound, creating a record that flows from track to track and is engaging to listen to. Crucially, the Mastering Engineer bring a fresh pair of ears to your project and understand the technical demands of the end format, whether that’s Audio CD, Vinyl or MP3 download. Today the majority of music intended for release goes through some form of mastering process and with more independent artists also discovering the benefits, getting demos mastered is becoming widespread too.


elkony_productioin_2 Elkony Production can help you to bring your compositions to life in the studio and promote it on professional stage. Usually this happens like this: You come to our studio, we discuss with you all the facets of what you’re trying to accomplish with your music and proceed to make a plan to complete the task. Than You pay the bill and after that we fire your rock star:) Elkony production is applying it’s exclusive brand of no-compromise audio production to the cutting edge world of interactive electronic entertainment as well. Elkony production have successful experience in game [“Shadowmatic“, “Draco“] and film [“Wandering“] music production. With a solid understanding of the special technical challenges that film/game production presents, our goal is simple: to bring a rich, cinematic feel to the sound of your product.


elkony-production-live-sound_services-armenia Professional sound services provided by Elkony production in the face of Serge Melkonyan as a qualified sound engineer gives to our customers a unique opportunity to service different and large-scaled concerts and shows on a high level. As your concert sound engineer Serge Melkonyan [Elkony] can help You with live stage sound setup, technical support and much more. For almost 10 years in professional music business Elkony provides stage sound engineering services for such famous bands and artists like: Dorians [Live in Yerevan, 2011], Jethro Tull [Yerevan, 2010], Yani[Yerevan, 2014], Uriah Heep[Yerevan, 2010], Tigran Hamasyan[Yerevan, 2012, 2014], Panzerballet [Yerevan, 2011], Horse the band [Yerevan, 2010], Euro Groove Department [Yerevan, 2011], Igorrr [Yerevan, 2013], ect.


elkony_productioin_1 The purpose of this courses is to help you to get a solid grounding in audio engineering and sound recording. You will learn the fundamentals of sound engineering that are crucial to your success in the studio. Understanding the physics of sound and how to properly use things like compression will make all the difference in your recordings. In this course, Elkony will give you a detailed overview on every aspect of the recording process, with hands on projects covering how to set up your monitors, how to handle phase issues, and how to properly place microphones. Although there is some theory involved everything is well explained, complete with hundreds of helpful visuals. Jim will take you through a complete journey of the fundamentals of audio recording. If you’re starting to put together a studio and are feeling overwhelmed with everything around you, let us help you out by teaching you the fundamentals of audio so you’ll never feel like an alien in your own studio again.



Elkony production offer a complete line of professional-based media replication and custom packaging services.

Whether you require CD or DVD/BD replication, we will deliver your DVD/BD replication and CD replication project on time and in pristine condition.

We can also offer Audio/Video files restoration and transfer from any carrier to any carrier.


Elkony production supports artists through all phases of their project by providing additional services such as Album Pre-Production, Session Vocalists, Musicians On Demand and referrals that include Graphic Design/Artwork and Photo-Book Sessions. We offer and encourage FREE CONSULTATIONS prior to any session in order to help you and us prepare. We’ll help budget your session to best meet your goals.


Elkony Studio is a full service, multi-format recording studio located in downtown of Yerevan, on Sayat-Nova street.

Our facility features a dedicated tracking room, a control room with a small tracking space suitable for all instruments and vocals, and a separate digital editing suite.

Acoustic design, superior equipment, variety of services, and an experienced staff make this studio an important part of the regional and national music community.

We truly believe in providing the highest quality possible using today’s latest technology.

Now in our 10 year of studio recording business, Elkony Studio is the favorite place where professionals not only from Armenia but from all around area are prefer to work.

Special care has been taken in the design of the tracking room to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for the artist while remaining acoustically controllable for the recording engineer. The control room has also been designed to provide maximum isolation from outside noise and to reduce reflections inside the room.

With our low flat rates on all services and products we are trying to give to all artists and bands, producers, labels and production companies and of course other not yet well established companies in need of audio productions and solution the opportunity to have high end results in all projects presented to us! This is our primary mission in the market in order to develop the musical scene not only nationally but internationally!

We specialize in tracking vocals, musicians, creating high quality music productions, mixing, mastering and offering a wide range of studio services to suit any project needs. Over the years we have worked with many singers, bands and musicians covering a broad range of genres, including Classical, Soul, Hard Rock, Pop and Metal.

We have a wealth of experience, and are able to achieve an end product to be truly proud of. During your studio session we won’t just sit back, press record and let you get on with it. We will actively get involved were needed to ensure you will achieve the best end result possible.

Every single service is available to be order and done remotely and online! Wherever you are, you may order any service and we will do it as if you were here!

Wide Variety of Services

In addition to Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Elkony Studio offers many other services. These include: Low Cost CD Replication & Duplication Services with On-Disc Printing for limited run duplication orders, Music Production, Custom Tracks and Exclusive Beats/Instrumentals Selling, Audio Post Production, Sound Design, Multimedia & Web Audio, Voice Over Recording, Podcast Production, Format and File transfers (ADAT, DA-88, DAT, CD-R, CD-RW, WAV, AIFF, MP3, Cassette, Vinyl, Reel-to-Reel, etc), Audio Restoration, Karaoke Style & Gift Recordings, and every single service is available to be order and done remotely and online! Wherever you are, you may order any service and we will do it as if you were here!

Professional Producing

The engineering staff at Elkony Studio is also unique. Elkony Studio has a staff of engineers, producers and musicians who are all highly experienced and well versed in different styles of audio production, and have worked on several nationally released recordings, would famous artists’ gigs and radio/television commercials. Feel free to contact Elkony Studio to find out more interesting information.


We have hand picked the best selection of professional audio equipment available (both analogue and digital).

  • Analogue/Digital Recording
  • Monitoring
  • Outboard Pre-Amps
  • Outboard Compressors / Limiters / Effects
  • Microphones
  • Other Equipment
  • Instruments

Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us:


THE BAMBIR (Rock band, Armenia) DOGMA (Armenian Ethnic Rock band) SWORN (Death metal band, Armenia) STRYFE (Progressive Metal band, USA) ROAD MOVIE (Folk rock band, Armenia) ARSHO HARUTYUNYAN  (Film director) VORDAN KARMIR (Rock band, Armenia) TM PRODUCTION (Record Label,  USA,  Armenia) VIBROGRAPHUS STUDIO (Record Label in Armenia) THE BEAUTIFIED PROJECT (MTV awarded Armenian Rock band) ARAM SUKIASYAN (Deputy Mayor of city Yerevan, Producer ) TRIADA STUDIO (creative production and post-production company, Armenia) MAV DISCUS (CD, DVD, BD Production & Duplication, Printing company, Armenia)



2013 / Music & Sound Design

Ideal System
2010 / Music & Sound Design


2014 / Music & Sound Design
2015 Apple Design Award Winner


2013 /Music & Sound Design

Wandering Rock Opera Film
2011 / Sound Director


2014 / Yerevan, Stage Sound Engineer 

River Fest Armenia
2014 / Sound Engineer

WOA, Tbilisi Blitzkrieg
2014 / Jury

2013 / Yerevan, Sound Engineer 

Tigran Hamasyan
2012 / Yerevan, Stage Sound Engineer 

2011 / Yerevan, Sound Engineer 

Euro Groove Department
2011 / Yerevan, Sound Engineer 

2011 / Yerevan, Stage Sound Engineer 

20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence
2011 / sound editor

Jethro Tull
2010 / Yerevan, Stage Sound Engineer 

Uriah Heep
2010 / Yerevan, Stage Sound Engineer 

Horse the band
2010 / Yerevan, Sound Engineer 


Dogma – “Under Dogma”
2013 / Studio recording, sound production

The Beautified Project – United We Fall
2013 / Studio recording, sound production

The Beautified Project – “Kilikia”
2012 / Studio recording, sound production

The Beautified Project – “Beyond the Butterfly”
2010 / Studio recording, sound production

The Beautified Project - Behind The Happy Mask
2010 / Studio recording,  Sound Production

Vordan Karmir – “EP”
2010/ sound production

Dogma – “Ethnic-Methnic”
2009 / Studio Recording, sound production

Oaksenham – “Woden’s Eve Live”
2002 / sound production

MDP – “MDP Live
2003 / Live record, sound production

MDP – “This is MDP”
2002 / Studio recording, sound production



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